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These are times of change and with the increased market complexity and dynamism; there is an increased demand for managers with the necessary skills, thoughtfulness and energy to tackle the difficult demands facing organizations of all kinds. MBA programs not only help the students to develop skills that are highly valued by many employers, but the programs also present a theoretical context for solving many business problems.

MBA is a highly recognized and fully accepted management qualification in the corporate world in any country. A management course will help to hone an individual’s management skill with the requisite technical skills. An MBA gives a wider perspective of things, a deeper insight into how economies work and most importantly a say in decision making which facilitates a person to bring about the changes he or she desires.

The Financial Markets help in promoting the savings of the economy - aiding in adoption of an effective channel to transmit various financial policies. The financial development is correlated with economic development and a sound and sophisticated financial system promotes the efficiency of investment and economic growth in a market economy. It is also obvious that a poorly functioning financial system can hamper economic growth and development. The financial market in India at present is more advanced than many other sectors since it became organized as early as the 19th century. The Indian financial sector is well-developed, competitive, efficient and integrated to face all shocks.

To be a successful financial markets manager, an individual needs skills in conceptual clarity, clarity of thoughts, quick decision-making, financial analysis and interpersonal relationships. An MBA qualification in financial markets will broaden and enhance these skills by imparting apt knowledge to hone an individual’s attitude at all levels. The MBA program provides strong training in the elements of financial management sought by financial institutions, companies and public organizations. It combines a rigorous academic core with tailored practical application, designed in consultation with leading financial experts. This MBA program may also be used as an entrance preparation for competitive PhD programs in the field of finance.

An MBA degree will provide great career opportunities, with the learner having the advantage of pursuing his/her degree in Financial Markets. The program will boost a person’s credibility and respect from employers, peers, and clients, and maximize your personal and professional opportunities within the world of finance. MBA graduates are recognized for their maturity, business and cultural awareness as well as leadership skills to take a company forward. Professor Guillen at Wharton predicts a change in the profile of MBA hiring in finance. “I think financial services and consulting will continue to be major employers of MBAs. However, the big investment banks will not be as important. Boutique banks, corporate development departments, and private equity will likely become more important.” Demand for MBAs in China and India are at record levels, resulting in a sustained demand, which in turn ensures that the salary figures remain remarkably robust.




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